Over the past two decades, the City of Avon Lake has placed a high priority on integrating bicycle and pedestrian facilities into its infrastructure, leading to one of Northeast Ohio’s more developed non-motorized networks.  Opportunities remain, however, to improve residents’ and employees’ quality of life, the city’s economy, and cyclists’ and pedestrians’ safety through a fully-developed network. 

Behnke, working with committees and the public through several venues, identified typical user types, network gaps, and user priorities on this NOACA TLCI study.  Through feasibility analyses and public input, we developed recommendations for and costs of filling the gaps.  Education, encouragement, and enforcement recommendations will help increase the use of existing and future infrastructure, and safety for everyone.

The planning team developed, in greater detail, alignments and estimates for trails along the two-highest priority corridors, Lake and Lear Roads.  Trailheads, bike support, and signage along Lake Road will encourage local, regional and national non-motorists to patronize local businesses, and a trail along Lear Road will provide a healthier, more environmentally-friendly option for many of The Cleveland Clinic’s Richard Jacobs Health Center employees who live in Avon Lake to get to work each day.

Estimated Construction Cost: $42 Million


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