The Lorain Dike is a Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.  It is scheduled to be filled within the next several years and turned over to the Lorain Port Authority for operation.  In 2007, Behnke developed a master plan for the re-use of this 58-acre site.

In 2008, Behnke oversaw the completion of Phase 1A of the master plan, and, as a subconsultant to Bramhall Engineering completed the design of the remaining Phase 1 site improvements in 2009.  The project was funded by an ARRA grant, administered through ODOT.

The improvements include parking areas, entranceway enhancements, widening the pier promenade, re-decking of the promenade, drainage improvements, lighting, landscaping, walkways and bikepaths.

The project received a 2012 Bronze Brick in Architecture Award from the Brick Industry Association.


Construction Cost:  $2.5 Million


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